PayTabs provides you with two different means of payout to choose what suits you better:

1- Automatic payout, your available balance is settled automatically every Monday if you have a minimum of $300 in your available/closing balance.

2- Manual payout, where you can manually withdraw your available balance if you have a minimum of $300 

In the below article you will learn :

 Both manual and automatic Payouts are subject to withdrawal fees

Please do not change the payout schedule if your account status is trading suspended or payout suspended.  

How to change the default payout schedule:

Keep in mind that all accounts are automatically activated with automatic withdrawal by default, if you wish to change the automatic payout schedule, please follow the steps below( noting that the Accounts tab is available only for the activated accounts ):

  1. Navigate to the "Accounts" menu in your dashboard, then choose the preferred account you want to change the Payout Schedule.

  2. Then click on the "Change Payout Schedule" button, then select from the Manual, Daily, Weekly or ,Monthly plans.

The Manual Payout Schedule

You can select to withdraw your payouts manually via the dashboard every time you need to withdraw the money .

To initiate payout, please follow the below steps

  1. Log in to your merchant dashboard
  2. Click on "Accounts" Panel
  3. Click "Request Payout" button
  4. Get paid within 24 up to 48 hrs.


Learn the detailed steps of initiating a payout through this article :How to Initiate Payout?

The Weekly Payout Schedule

For weekly payouts, choose your desired day of the week for receiving the payout, as indicated below.

The Monthly Payout Schedule

In this case, select the day of the month that best suits you for receiving the payouts. 

The Daily Payout Schedule

For daily payouts ,you can choose to receive your Payouts on daily basis .