In this article, you will learn how to contact us and receive assistance for your queries through various channels. 

How can we help?

Send us a message

PayTabs has a set of communication channels to reach our support team:

Make sure your email includes Paytabs MID and registered country 


PayTabs Service Status 

Paytabs always share its services live status for its valued merchants to be aware of any downtimes, or any incidents. Not only that but also it publishes its upcoming enhancements and keeps both (incidents and enhancements) archived for any new joiner. 

You can check this by subscribing to our  Status Page and get notifications if there is a service disruption.

Don't want to constantly check the page? Don't worry, Paytabs always has plan B, you can subscribe to our "
PayTabs Services: Status" channel to receive those updates immediately on a weekly basis as shown below.

What you get when you send your questions? 

View our Response Guideline  which will guide you through the response time frame according to the nature of your inquiry. 

Get what you are looking for right now

You can get the answer directly for any enquiry you have regarding your paytabs account by checking our solution articles portal which has a detailed article for any question you may have.

View our from here Support Portal