The payment page language is the language in which the payment page will be shown to customers. Customers will still have the ability to switch languages within the page itself which will be easier for your customer to navigate the payment page in his preferred language.

Graphical user interface

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Note that Paytabs Payment Page by default uses client's browser preferred language as the default language.

In this article you will learn about:

How to switch from the default language within my integration method?

Depending on the integration method utilized, you can personalize the language displayed on the payment page as indicated below:

PT2 APIs endpoints

You can pass the language you want your payment page to be displayed in within the parameter called "paypage_lang" as shown below:

eCommerce plugins

By default, PayTabs plugins use either the Platform's main language or the client browser's preferred language to customize Payment Page Language. However, it can be changed manually by the customer on the payment page itself.


Mobile SDKs


It varies from one SDK to another but the common thing between them is that on the configuration's options there's a parameter that you can control the payment form language with as shown below:

configuration.languageCode = "ar"

To know how to manipulate this option, please check the article related to your SDK from our Mobile SDKs documentation section.