If you need to create multiple invoices for the same product, you can set the predefined Invoice product to save the information of this product instead of refilling the same information each time, such as the SKU, Description, or price.
If you don't have a website/online shop , this option will be more helpfull for you.

Here is how you can create a predefined invoice product:

  • Navigate to the "Profile" tab > then "predefined invoice products" > click on the pen icon to enable the option and add new products.

  • Make sure to enable the option.

  • Once you enable the option, you will get to add a new product, so fill in the below information accordingly, then click "Save"or "Add product" if you want to add more than one product.

  • The below confirmation shows that the product has been added successfully.

  • Once you added the products, you can choose one of them while creating a new invoice 

    Learn how to create a new Invoice from here.

  • While creating a new invoice, you can add any of the saved/predefined invoice products from the dropdown list,

  • Once you choose one product, the item will be auto-filled accordingly.